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"Innerstand your Melanin is Sacred, do all you can to protect it" - Empress, Satin Marche

Rex-Jes-ek [rx Ds. k] - KNOW Thyself.

"To know thyself is to know Melanin." ~ Ancestor Llaila O. Afrika


Satin is very gifted and it’s instantly apparent that she really loves what she’s doing and wants to help you heal yourself. She’s very upfront that she will give advice, but it’s your job as the client to do the work. She listens to your concerns and asks appropriate questions to help guide your healing. I love that she follows up frequently to check progress and to give feedback where it’s needed. Overall, I am very happy with my consultation and services provided to me."

S. Roper

I really enjoyed my consultation. I really appreciated the format of my results email. It was easy to follow, and very impactful as I move through my journey."

E. Dark

The alignment call was definitely eye opening for me. I took heed to everything this God(is) was saying to me and things that I was finally admitting to. I actually went home, thought about it, cleaned and talked myself into courage to have that heart to heart cleanse with my bf. It’s great being able to open up my mouth for things I need to get out. Thank you for helping so much. I’ll be working on the other closed chakras as well.

P. Parker

Satin provided clarity on things I needed to be realigned.

T. Welch

dōTERRA [doh-teh-ruh] meaning "Gift of the Earth."

As one of our recommended ways to heal your Aritu, we suggest doterra essential oils. Since 2008, doterra has created pure potent & high quality essential oils. Many of their oils are created with the intent to build immunity, nourish your nervous system & repair your cells [DNA]; which is imperative for Melanated beings. 
Our favorites are listed below, however doterra has an abundance of essential oils that heal spirit, mind & body, simply click the oil of your choosing to tap in.

Sacred Self Affirmation + Mantra deck reviews

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