"Innerstand your Melanin is Sacred, do all you can to protect it"

Rex-Jes-ek [rx Ds. k] - means Know Thyself in Medu Neter.

"Black people must "know thyself" and to know yourself is to know Melanin".

~ Ancestar Dr. Llaila Afrika

2nd annual


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Testimonials from our KemUNITY

Satin is so gifted and tapped in! She gave me such a beautiful reading that was on point. Aaaand we vibed 🥺💛✨ thanks so much again sis!"


Satin has the most loving and beautiful energy as soon as you answer the phone I felt the connection. Eye love how innerstanding she is about your preferences and comfortability. She kept it very real and loving the entire time, her energy and message was so expressive and beautiful. Eye absolutely loved the experience of her service, Eye got more than what Eye intended on getting especially it being my first reading ever. Eye am so appreciative and greatfull for the Eye opener and the overall message. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Airiam Lopez

I really enjoyed my consultation. I really appreciated the format of my results email. It was easy to follow, and very impactful as I move through my journey."


Satin was ON POINT with the reading I received from her earlier this rising. We started with a sound bath meditation that set the tone. She provided divine messages, identified which chakras were blocked, what solutions would help to bring balance and made herself available for a follow up. I received more than I expected from this service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Akilah Cherri

The alignment call was definitely eye opening for me. I took heed to everything this God(is) was saying to me and things that I was finally admitting to. I actually went home, thought about it, cleaned and talked myself into courage to have that heart to heart cleanse with my bf. It’s great being able to open up my mouth for things I need to get out. Thank you for helping so much. I’ll be working on the other closed chakras as well.

Thank you for our alignment call last night. I didn't just take notes, but I put my throat to work afterwards with speaking on how I truly felt. Woke up in a better attitude.


Thank you so much Satin! 

Talking to her was so insightful! Definitely gifted 💛 She gave me confirmation regarding the things I needed to work on within myself and shared solutions for my growth and innerstanding. She is so sweet and has such great energy! I felt so comfortable talking to her."


My reading was so on point. I'd already known one of the aritu that was blocked, but Satin provided clarity on the other. It resonated so much because I'd been feeling physical discomfort in that area, and Satin helped me understand why I could be feeling that. She handled me with care and was so gracious! Will definitely be returning. Thank you!"


It was my first time doing anything like this and Satin had SO much patience. She’s super lovely and really passionate about what she does. Oh and she’s also super calm so if you’re anything like me and are super hyper, her presence alone will put you at ease. 

We talked and talked and she gave me my reading and affirmation card and everything aligned! She told me what chakras were blocked and gave me advice on how to unblock them. 

Overall 10/10! Would definitely recommend!" 


I’ve known Satin for a long while, I’ve been following her on IG for some time but didn’t understand exactly what she was doing. When I decided to start my spiritual journey she was one of the first ppl I thought of for guidance. I would scout her page just soaking up the info she promoted. When she offered chakra reading I jumped on it.

Satin is very gifted and it’s instantly apparent that she really loves what she’s doing and wants to help you heal yourself. She’s very upfront that she will give advice, but it’s your job as the client to do the work. She listens to your concerns and asks appropriate questions to help guide your healing. I love that she follows up frequently to check progress and to give feedback where it’s needed. Overall, I am very happy with my consultation and services provided to me."


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