What is Melanin? Why is it Sacred?

Melanin is a civilizing chemical that produces itself. It is a free radical protector, unchanged by radiation and high temperatures. Melanin is inside and outside of the body, which indicates that it is a vital chemical that makes life itself. Melanin is found in the environments, springs, lakes, soil, plants, atmosphere and animals. Melanin is made by cells called melanocytes. Small cells build bigger cells, bigger cells build larger cells & the end product of all the building from a small particle into a larger particles is the chemical Melanin.
 Melanin absorbs all forms of energy such as sunlight, electromagnetic, music and sounds the human ear can & cannot hear, phone waves, radio waves, radar, computer radiation, x-ray, cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, heat waves, microwaves, etc. Melanin uses the energy in the total environment such as water energy, earth, moon, sun, Galaxy, cycles of planets, cycles of minerals etc. Everything is energy.
 Melanin is secreted by the pineal gland & is sunlight dependent. Black people that spend vast amounts of time indoors and out of sunlight or are exposed to the visual pollution of artificial light tend to have mild depression. This is a result of the Pineal Gland being deprived of sunlight & exposed to negative stimulation. Sunlight depravation decreases the stimulation of the Pineal, which decreases the reproductive organs, thus causing a decrease in weight of the ovaries and testicles. To deprive your Melanin of sunlight is not normal, so this is associated with abnormal Melatonin activity. Melanin synchronize the body functions, helps to maintain the circadian rhythm, stimulates secretion of milk and contractions of the uterus, triggers puberty, increases electrical brainwave activity, regulates blood pressure, and induces asleep, stimulates improvising and gives a positive affect on emotions and create a feeling of well-being and joy. These are our natural state of being. Anything of a lower vibration is just a feeling or emotion. Emotional intelligence is associated with the Pineal Gland. A lack thereof is a result of a calcified Pineal.
 Melanin is studied in chemistry, however Melanin is never mentioned in European [greek] chemistry; which is the study of Keme [Black Melanin particles] called protons, neutrons, electrons, neurons & solatons.
Melanin is the chemical key to life & the brains [nucleus] of all cells.
Melanin is infinite - C18H10N2O4

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