Sátin Marché studied fashion merchandising as well as apparel design at two different universities while attending college. She attended college much longer than her peers in order to attain knowledge from two different perspectives; the retail aspect & the design aspect of fashion. While in college, Sátin Marché began creating her own clothing from up cycled pieces. This turned into one of her many hu$tles as she began creating for others, too. Alongside being a student of fashion, she has also made her way through the world of modeling, attending the Cynthia Bailey model search in 2015. Though she didn't win, she did not give up. This was a lesson for her to go harder. As she became booked for more freelance work, she became her own creative director & stylist, extending this service to other individuals who needed creative direction in the realm of fashion.
Whether you need a stylist or creative ideas for an upcoming shoot, Sátin Marché can assist you; as she has 6+ years of studies & 10+ years of modeling & creative directive work under her belt.
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