The Journey to Ra Sekhi Level I & II

I had been seeing Kemetic Symbols everywhere for a long time. I remember being in band class & being instructed to draw a random symbol. Years later, I learned that it was the Eye of Heru that I chose. A short time after that when everyone was on "reversed lyrics" on YouTube, I had been brainwashed to believe that this symbol, amongst other Sacred symbols were demonic. I immediately felt bad & ran from it. Fast forward to 2016 when I was in college; the height of my awakening, I had been tapping into many different business endeavors at the time. I had a dream about a few Sacred Kemetic Symbols in that seemed foreign to me. In my mind, they were "Egyptian symbols" & I had no idea what any of them meant outside of the Ankh. Even in that, my innerstanding of it now is far more profound than it was in 2016. If I didn't know what those symbols meant at the time, I learned soon after. In turn, my dream became a reality. I translated my dream of those Kemetic symbols into the first t-shirt design that I had ever created, which is presented on Sacred Melanin's current merch. Shortly after, I began seeing posts about Ancient Kemet, Ancient Kemetic Symbols & all things Kemet; which I had always known as Egypt. Somewhere, somehow I got steered off of my course, but each time it was not for long.

Safe to say it chose me.

I began attracting my tribe. I began attracting sisters & brothers who knew thy self. In 2019 I met someone who reintroduced me to Kemet & living a Maatic lifestyle. It was four long months of decoding & recalibrating my mental; learning that much of what we see in today's society derived from Ancient Kemet. I learned a lot of my worth along the way. It forced me to tap into Sacred Melanin on a multitude of levels, bet on myself and see myself. Ultimately, I learned how to integrate the allAll is connected. This journey was destined for me. On January 26, 2020 I became Ra Sekhi level I certified & six months later on July 12th, 2020 I became Ra Sekhi level II Practitioner. It has been a journey, being open on many different levels. Dwa - thanks & praises to Ra Sekhi Arts Temple! Rasekhi is based on the Ancient energy healing systems of our Ancestars in Kemet & throughout Africa. It is an wholistic healing technique, which uses energy to manipulate & balance the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies. It works to create positive changes in one’s energy feels to bring healing and relief to diseases of all kinds. Ra Sekhi reminds us to use our hands, our thoughts, prayers, mantras/ hekau, crystals, colors, symbols, aromatherapy & other natural medicine and tools for healing. We use Ra Sekhi to bring MAAT to the root of dis-ease to balance and heal the issues which have not been resolved from this and other lifetimes.

Dwa ntr [Thanks & praises to God].

I highly suggest these books. They have assisted me on The Journey to Sacred Alignment immensely.
My Journey to Sacred Alignment went a little something like this:

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