What is Ra Sekhi?

I had been seeing Kemetic Symbols everywhere for a long time, but it wasn't time for me to dive into it just yet. My journey started with self & learning about my energy centers. When I mastered self, I was then able to move onto other things, such as Ra Sekhi. Aforementioned, my journey began with learning about Aritu or chakras, so when I sought interest in Ra Sekhi, I was delighted to find that we learned more about the Aritu from a Kemetic or Afrikan view point. This journey was destined for me. On January 26, 2020 I became Ra Sekhi level I certified & six months later on July 12th, 2020 I became Ra Sekhi level II certified. It has been a journey, being open on many different levels.
Dwa [Thank you] Ra Sekhi Arts Temple!
Rasekhi is based on the Ancient energy healing systems of our Ancestars in Kemet & throughout Africa. It is an wholistic healing technique, which uses energy to manipulate & balance the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies. It works to create positive changes in one’s energy feels to bring healing and relief to diseases of all kinds. Ra Sekhi uses Sekhem, also called Chi or Ki, which is the life force energy that emanates from within all living things. Sekhem enlivens & sustains all of creation. It lies dormant within every human being until it is activated & elevated through prayer, meditation, yoga, dance, initiation, ritual or other spiritual work. Ra Sekhi Consciously and actively connects the energy of RA/RAAT with one’s own Sekhem to channel, radiate and harmonize sending healing energy within into another. 
Ra Sekhi reminds us to use our hands, our thoughts, prayers, mantras/ hekau, crystals, colors, symbols, aromatherapy, and other natural medicine & tools for healing. We use Ra Sekhi to bring MAAT to the root of dis-ease to balance and heal the issues which have not been resolved from this and other lifetimes.
Click the video below to watch my Journey to Ra Sekhi!

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