About the Alkemist

Sátin Marché welcomes you with an open eye, open mind & open heart. 

Her aunt named her Sátin Marché. Upon asking her aunt why she named her Sátin, she replied "I was going for something feminine, soft & pretty". And so it is. Since ’94 Sátin Marché has experienced many awakenings that have all played an integral part in The Journey to Sacred Alignment; her personal journey as a spirit experiencing the human experience. In all that Sátin Marché has accomplished in this lifetime, she has concluded that her mission is T.L.C - teaching, loving, and creating. She is a womban of many crowns; an Alkemist. She has always had a love for fashion, modeling and interiors & is primarily inspired by fashion, travel, and architecture. Shapeshifting has been apart of her journey for as long as she remember, as it has taken a multitude of courses all for the sake of remembering & being guided back to herself.

Sátin Marché has what most people consider “the eye” and has always been skillful with her hands. Within her first few years of college she created her first business by the name of Sew. Stylish. Saché - a crafty and frugal business that allowed her to produce hand crafted items such as wreaths, jewelry, candles, graduation caps, canvas boards, pillows, fraternity and sorority paraphernalia, as well as the early version of today’s Ancient Royalty Apparel. Creating with her hands was her first unintentional experience with reiki, as she always channeled peace and love through her work.

Sátin Marché embarked on her spiritual journey the day she emerged from her mother's womb, but it wasn't until late 2016 that she became consciously aware of the spiritual awakening that was taking place. She was a meat eater, experiencing life in college & she found herself in a place of depression, or what we classify as depression. She later learned that the energy of fear that animals feel in slaughter houses was being transferred on to her. This gave her a deeper innerstanding of energy as well as depression being an imbalance within the energy centers or Aritu, beginning her journey by learning about the chakras from a Western perspective. She realized just how much she was operating from an unconscious state of mind. This realization alone influenced her to choose to make conscious decisions in order to evolve beyond what was being fed to her... literally & figuratively. When she grew tired of listening to others & settling for what was being fed to her, she became eager to create her own path. Though Sátin Marché was at a crossroad and not sure about her passion or her purpose anymore, she created her first YouTube channel in July of 2016 as an outlet to express herself through DIY’s, fashion, travel + vlogs and real, raw lifestyle videos. 

Sátin Marché eventually decided to take a 2 year hiatus from all ventures that forced her to be on-the-go. Her life slowed down by 90%, while 5% was spent at school and the other 5% was spent at work. This transition helped her to become more grounded, clear & intune with herself. It was in these moments that her ancestars started making their presence known & speaking to her loud and clear. Her Ancestars came to her in a dream & whispered Sacred Melanin to her, much like they did in 2016 for her Ancient Royal-tee. After her hiatus, Sacred Melanin was birthed in 2019. Launching Sacred Melanin granted her the space to become evolved in the healing arts as she evolved within her own journey. Sacred Melanin has experienced just as many revolutions as Sátin Marché has, thus she has become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Aritu Ascension or Chakra healing, taught many dōTERRA classes, has led Sacred Melanin Juice Journey (a 7-day juice detox) for many seasons, created content and shared enlightenment in a multitude of ways based on downloads that she has received along her journey via Melanin. 

As she continues to heal herself she is also helping you become whole; doing what works for herself first & then sharing the knowledge with others. Though all of these many revolutions happened for her, she likes to think that they were for you, too - to teach, love and create. Interior decorating, podcasting, photography, event planning, social media marketing + content creating, email marketing, web design will always be apart of her journey; a subtle reminder that she is a spirit experiencing the human experience. All is spirit.