What are Aritu?

The word chakra comes from the Kemetic words Kara which means shrine, Karkar which means cylinder and thesu/kasu which means knots. The seven nights or seven vertebrae are energy centers that connect us to the higher forces and activate the higher forces within us. They are connected to the planets and days of the week as well. These sacred energy centers are said to swirl in a circular motion very quickly & are seen as a small wheels within us. The movement depends on one's vitality. If one's energy is high they all move simultaneously and continuously. If one has a low vibration they move slowly and sometimes not all, which are an indication of blockages.

There are 7 major Aritu located along our spine, 22 minor Aritu throughout body, 1 Aritu below our feet which grounds us with the earth & 3 over our head that connects us to the heavens. The Aritu give, receive and store energy. It is at these points where energy is exchanged. It comes in to us from food, sunlight, and air - Melanin. This energy is what keeps our body & mind functioning as it should. If our life force is low on energy, there is not much to be used and dis - ease begins in the physical. Many physical dys - functions are a result of a spiritual, mental and or emotional issue that has not been processed properly. These physical imbalances force you to pay attention and address your issues.

 Energy can attach its self to you, your thoughts, feelings and your aura.

 Our Kemetic ancestors were aware of these energy centers & their true properties many years ago.

The energy of the YOUniverse is YOU!

 This is where healing begins.

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