What is Ra Sekhi [Kemetic Reiki]?

Ra Sekhi is based on the Ancient energy healing systems of our ancestors in Kemet & throughout Africa. There are pictures and stories of healing rites, using symbols in the hands as healing tools. It is similar to what is called "laying of the hands" & has been apart of many ritual & healing practices from Kemet. Ra Sekhi reminds us to use our hands, our thoughts, prayers, mantras, crystals, colors, sound therapy, aromatherapy & other alternative medicines and tools for healing. It is through the use of these alternative methods that healing energy is shared to balance the spirit, mind, and body on a physical & non - physical plane. 
Ra Sekhi is used to bring MA'AT to the root of dis - ease to balance & heal the issues that have not been resolved from this and other lifetimes. Ma'at are spiritual laws associated with order, truth, balance, harmony, reciprocity, justice, love & compassion.
 When practicing Ra Sekhi, it is important to have a general overstanding of the body, the organs, the Aritu [chakras] meridians as well as how energy affects them. As a wholistic healing technique, it uses energy to manipulate & balance the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies. It works to create positive changes in one’s energy feels to bring healing and relief to diseases of all kinds.
 Ra Sekhi uses Sekhem, also called Chi or Ki, which is the life force energy that flows from within all living things. Sekhem enlivens & sustains all of creation. It lies dormant within every human being until it is activated & elevated through prayer, meditation, yoga, dance, initiation, ritual or other spiritual work. Ra Sekhi Consciously and actively connects the energy of RA/RAAT with one’s own Sekhem to channel, radiate and harmonize sending healing energy within into another.

On January 26, 2020 Satin Marche received her Ra Sekhi [Kemetic Reiki] Level 1 Certification at the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple with Mwt Kajara. She is now certified to lay hands!

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