What is Melanin & why is it Sacred?

Melanin is infinite - C18H10N2O4

African people are a race that has the highest amount of bio pigment called Melanin; found in springs, lake soil, plants & more. It makes life itself.

 Melanin is an organic dark carbon chemical pigment substance. Melanin makes black people's eye iris a brown color & gives the dark color to their hair, skin, and the substantia nigra of the brain. The color of Melanin appears as black because it is absorbing all colors. Once the color enters the Melanin, it cannot escape! It is a cellular black hole similar to the black holes in outer space. As above, so below. Melanin is inside and outside of the body. Melanin is secreted by the pineal gland. The pineal gland's ability to secrete melanin is sunlight dependent, thus Melanin is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of 1225°F. That being said, it is unchanged by radiation and high temperatures. Processed foods and drugs impact the pineal gland or first eye & causes reproductive issues.

Melanin is the chemical key to life. This is why your Melanin is Sacred!

Energy is within everything. 

Everything is connected.

This book aided heavily in the study of Melanin for Sacred Melanin.

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