P.S.A with Saché the Podcast

Here it is, the launch of P.S.A with Saché the Podcast - June 9, 2021. 9AM CST.
This year is my life path year so of course it is only right. 
P.S.A with Saché began long before I even knew & this has been a dream of mine for a while now. When I was younger, I always said if I ever owned a business, I would use Saché. Saché is my first & middle name put together Sátin Marché.
From cussin' people out, kicking ass, "getting smart", or just simply telling it like it is; firm without cussin', they never wanted me to speak, but I did anyway. Somewhere while on The Journey to Sacred Alignment I got quiet. No curse words; Sacred Words, I started answering the phone less, I took a step back from YouTube & more. I felt the need to redefine the way I spoke. When I was a jit, my mother always made me aware of the way I would speak to people by saying "Marché, it wasn't what you said. It was how you said it." I didn't give a damn about love or compassion. Sometimes I miss the younger me. It is needed in these streets.
P.S.A with Saché began on snapchat between 2015 & 2016. I made light of venting sessions by expressing my comedic side. Surprisingly, I received quite the feedback for my real, raw humor. I have always had a way with words & I have always been known to speak. At some point or another, I began creating motivational videos on IGTv, but that was not as fulfilling as I thought it would be so I gave it a rest. 

As life consistently threw jabs at me, I grew silent & later decided to write out my thoughts, feelings & emotions instead. My experiences became too heavy to even want to record & processing in real time would have been misconstrued anyway, right? Fast forward to February 2020 where I involuntarily spoke at a black male summit my uncle was invited to. After the event, someone suggested that I consider going into broadcasting field. This made me thing about my YouTube channel; knowing that I didn't create it for no reason. I became grateful & considered it as a starting point. 
Today, at 27 I Am embodying MAAT more than ever. I Am allowing myself to be fluid on a multitude of levels; embracing both masculine & feminine energy. I will always speak with love, but I will also allow myself to speak from a soul level & an ego level as necessary - as long as I Am truthful.
Lil bit of ego, whole lotta love.
Ultimately, I think about myself before approaching people & situations. That is who I have control over; SELF. I can not & I do not try to control people. As long as I know my intent is pure while speaking, people can feel, think & say what they want. I can’t be who people want me to be, but I can check myself. I learned that no matter how you say or do something, it will always be an issue for anyone to speak & live in their truth, especially when they are not ready to receive it or they are not embodying their truth.
I have to be most authentic myself, even if it's real & raw. Too much redefining makes room for one to be placed into other people’s superficial boxes, to their satisfaction. This also strips one of their authenticity & turns them mute. This can leave room for Sekhem or throat chakra imbalances. That is not who I Am.
I Am experiencing an initiation; the part of The Journey to Sacred Alignment where I Am emotionally intelligent, I Am hearing all that is meant for me to hear before I say it... and without without fear.
I feel free. Thank you for joining me on The Journey to Sacred Alignment through my many revolutions.

I am allowing Anansi to work with me & through me to create a web for not only myself, but Melanated business owners to network. Melaninspo will be hosted once a month on P.S.A with Saché the Podcast. Melaninspo is Melanin Inspiration brought to you by Melanated business owners.

If you are a business owner who would like to be featured leave a comment below & let us know who you are, what you do and why you are the next Melaninspo.


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