About the Practitioner

Sátin Marché is a multifaceted individual, embodying roles as a mother, wife, artist, and practitioner across diverse mediums.

With a profound affinity for the arts spanning modeling, fashion, writing, and crafting sacred environments for events and organizing clients, Sátin Marché embarked on her journey in the 10th grade, delving into modeling. Graduating Cum Laude from high school, she pursued Fashion Merchandising at Jacksonville State University before transitioning to the University of Alabama to deepen her expertise in Apparel and Textiles Design. Throughout her collegiate years, she actively participated in campus modeling troupes and lent her talents as a freelance model to burgeoning startup ventures. However, her trajectory shifted as she followed the call of her soul towards the realm of holistic health and wellness, leading her to part ways with traditional academia during her senior year.

Sátin experienced her initial awakening in 2016. Her journey into consciousness unveiled the profound impact of the energy she consumed, both from her diet, her surroundings, and immediate environment, prompting a deeper exploration of wholistic principles and the Chakras. Amidst her college years, grappling with the rigors of academia and life as a meat eater, she encountered what she would later recognize as depression. This pivotal moment led her to recognize the energetic transference from animals' fear in slaughterhouses to her own being, alongside ascension symptoms. This revelation deepened her understanding of energy and the concept of depression as an imbalance within the energy centers or Aritu. Determined to operate from a conscious state of mind, she embarked on a journey of self-actualization, forging her own path beyond societal norms and expectations.

While shadow work has been a constant companion on Sátin's journey for as long as she can remember, her conscious exploration began with an exploration of the Chakras from a Western perspective. In 2019, she founded Sacred Melanin, marking a pivotal step toward her life's purpose. Before fully immersing herself in her calling, Sátin honed her tech acumen during her tenure at Apple Inc., positioning herself as an underground tech enthusiast. Subsequently, she lent her expertise to various startup ventures, assuming roles such as Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Website Developer, Email and Social Media Manager before ultimately resigning from Apple Inc.

In her multifaceted roles, Sátin Marché is a beacon of holistic wellness, holding certifications as a Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, having studied at Ra Sekhi Arts Temple, a Womb Yoga Dance Practitioner, trained at the Queen Afua Wellness Institute, and an Essential Oil Specialist and Wellness Advocate at dõTERRA. Additionally, she serves as a G.R.O.W Doula and Lactation Educator at Healthy Start of North Central Florida, a Childbirth Educator, Womb Wellness & Fertility Strategist at the Mothership Institute of Womb Wellness. Furthermore, she is a certified Green Interior Decorating and Design professional from The University of Texas Arlington, specializing in sustainable organizing.

Through her work, Sátin Marché serves as a conduit for bridging the wellness gap within the African wholistic health paradigm, birth work, and sustainable living. By seamlessly intertwining birth work, sustainable practices, and African wholistic health, she pioneers a culturally rooted and comprehensive approach to childbirth and well-being. This wholistic integration honors ancestral wisdom, promotes environmental stewardship, and fosters community health and cohesion within "The Village."