Best Side Hu$tle Ideas to Earn Extra Money in 2022

I have always had a knack for working for myself without being micromanaged. I never imagined quitting my job almost 2 years ago & still generating, passive, earned and supplemental income. The world as we once known is rapidly changing around us, so I encourage you to continue to find yourself & create your own lane, thus creating your own source(s) of income (as I always have). I am thankfull that I began planting the seeds years ago in order to reap the harvest, now. I am also thankfull for all of the resources I have attracted & for that, I wanna put you on to MY TOP 9 HONEST SIDE HU$TLES! I know many people frown upon affiliate links, but honestly, if you want to pour into someone, but you don’t know how, use their affiliate links upon getting what you want / need. Though it may or may not be the person’s business in which you are supporting, this is a form of group economics, as the person will receive a portion of your sale. Why wouldn’t you want to do so? Now, **disclaimer** this may not qualify you as a 6 figure anything (yet 😉), but know that all is possible. All of these resources have helped me attract a bit more abundance than I had before, and I trust it will do the same for you! Through all of these sources of income, my mission has always been at the forefront— teaching, loving & creating. 

My most recent find is Respondent is a research company that allows you to participate in active research studies for incentives. Initially, when I heard about this company I thought “how? Is this real?” The answer is yes, it is! People all over the globe get paid to take surveys for different companies everyday. The difference is, Respondent is an inclusive research study platform. 📈 What this means is, you have to qualify to be chosen for specific studies. Such qualifications depend on the answers to the initial questionnaire, if you have verified your work email, if you resonate with the study, and the amount of spaces in each study (which is unknown). Though this may seem like a lot and you may not get chosen for every study, it is still worth a try. An extra $30 to $400 never hurt anyone. In my experience, I have qualified for quite a few studies & all of them were super easy. Some were over the span of a few days and some were one day studies. The thing I love about Respondent is the fact that you can see how much each study is before applying & all information regarding how everything works is transparent, even down to payout schedules. If you would like to make $ from home, join today!


As you may or may not know, I have always had a love for fashion! 🥻 Though I am not totally against fast fashion, I can’t say I am totally for it either, but I do my best to live and lead a sustainable lifestyle in all aspects. For those of you who are against thrift store shopping and hand-me-downs, this is not for you… respekfully. Aside from my current Ancient Royalty Apparel, I always dreamt of owning some sort of fashion closet. Somehow I heard about Poshmark & created my Poshmark account on September 18, 2014. A few years went by until I decided to utilize the account for what it is worth. During this time I was studying fashion in college, and since learning about sustainability within the fashion industry, I decided to bring my dream fashion closet to life. In 2017, I posted my first item for sale. Within hours, maybe even a day or so, I made my first sale. After that, I didn’t use the account. Instead, I took clothes to the local drop box. It was not until February that I began becoming acquainted with fashion again. I created upcycled mix match earrings dedicated to women of the Black Panther Party. I listed this collection on my site along with other pieces from my closet. After all earrings had sold and I noticed that sales for my clothes were slow, I listed all items to my Poshmark closet. Since, sales have picked up tremendously; selling pieces I never thought I would get rid of. I love the community on Poshmark, thus in turn, I am able to support others by purchasing their clothing and accessories as well. Poshmark has grown tremendously over the years. You can not only list wearable items, but home goods, electronics and more! Shop my Frugal closet, and if you are feeling the need to reduce your carbon footprint, feel free to create your own closet with code FRUGALSACHE to save $10 on Poshmark! 👘

One United Bank

One United Bank is the nation’s largest black-owned bank & they believe "when focused on improving our neighborhoods and supporting Black-owned businesses that are more likely to hire Black people, those dollars become a powerful force." It is no secret that I have always been known to support my people, but I felt as though doing it through any other bank except One United Bank was not the right way anymore. I wanted to do it the right way for myself, my Ancestars & whomever I choose to sow seeds unto. Since then, I have witnessed divinity & abundance in many forms! My personal experience with banking outside of One United Bank started when I opened my very first bank account with Regions Bank in 2011 💱 From there, I had experienced numerous over drafts, compromised accounts & an all around spiritual attack on my finances. Though I had an account with Regions for almost 10 years, I found myself opening new accounts due to the amount of times my account was compromised & just an all around dissatisfaction. I tried Wells Fargo a time or two, but that was not fulfilling either. It was not until June 2019 when I consciously started paying attention to the cycle of overdraft accounts with no true explanation. I had no idea where my money was going. When consulting with the Regions Bank, thus being a loyal banker for nearly 10 years, nothing was resolved in those moments. This series of events occured heavily until October 2019 when I decided to take control over my finances, thus I wrote "Bank Black" on my vision board 🏦 It was a goal for me to join One United in the Bank Black movement.That same month I did it & so can you! I give thanks! I have shared this link with quite a few peers & they all seem to be satisfied with their decision to #bankblack. Join One United Bank #bankblack movement & share it with your loved ones so they can circulate their dollars.

OOO Polish

I have always loved polish since a child. I used to have far more nail polish colors than I do now, but that changed when I began to change my lifestyle. I switched to a more ego friendly nail polish who’s values align with mine. If you are subscribed to our email list, you probably saw the bomb ass nail polish I was wearing on my long ass nails.💅🏾 Yes, my hair & nails are growing like wildfire & YES, I will be sharing my growth tips (some time or another), but the meantime I want to share this eco friendly / chemical-free polish that I was wearing from OOO Polish. The colors were giving #itscozyszn vibez 😍🍂 OOO Polish is another business owned & operated by a Melanated sista, Symantha Wechie-Onyechi that I proudly support. This company provides imagery of underrepresented skin tones paired with imagery of colors many women feel like they could never wear. Providing natural everyday imagery, to help their customers explore beauty that is more realistic and relatable. It is my go-to, and for this reason, I became an ambassador for this company. The colors glide on smoothly without clumps, it dries quickly, and even better — the colors last 2-3 weeks (for me at least). OOO Polish is created specifically for the many shades of skin tones, thus provides polish lacquers, gels & other nail accessories that is toxic free, cruelty free & leaping bunny certified! The colors I usually wear are called I Am A Queen, Ndiaya, and Dia. They all come in gel polish, too! Like whettt?! Grab yourOOO Polish 


If you have been supporting me along this journey for a while, you may have noticed all of the many revolutions I have experienced over the last few years. Things such as upgrading marketing emails is so little, yet it means so much to entrepreneurs; it’s like an upgrade to our life! 💁🏾‍♀️Lol. In recent emails I mentioned how I upgraded my email server. Many of you have inquired so I would like to share more. I made the switch from Shopify emails to Flodesk and it has been a game changer for by business, Sacred Melanin. My favorite thing about the platform is that it has so many custom features, yet it is still so easy it is to design high converting emails. It’s the creativity for me! With Flodesk, I am able to not only create dope ass emails, but create forms, workflows and even include my signature at the end of emails! Like, word?! Needless to say. far my favorite email marketing platform is Flodesk. With all this said, why would I not become an ambassador for this company? I knew it was real when Queen Afua started using Flodesk! And before you ask, yes, I have created income via this resource. It is as simple as sharing with my peers who were having the same issue — insufficient email marketing with a high pricetag. You can grab 50% OFF Flodesk & STILL pay half the cost here. It’s upgrade szn! 💻

Amazon Associates

Shortly after I created my YouTube channel in 2016, I heard about the Amazon Associates program. The Amazon Associates Program is an affiliate program that helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. During this time I was not receiving an influx of traffic on any platform, so I was hardly meeting the requirements. Though people may have clicked & browsed, no one made purchases via my affiliate links. Apart of it was my fault; being afraid to mention it because of what people may think of me, but when you think about it, as I mentioned before, affiliate links are a form of group economics. As a result of little to no revenue, my Amazon Associates account was closed. It wasn’t until I began growing my business in 2019 / 2020 that I decided to become an affiliate for Amazon (again)… you read right., again. With the amount of time that I had spend growing the KemUNITY via Instagram & sharing all that I knew, more people were clicking, purchasing books & any form of healing modality that I shared. This resulted in more revenue being invested into Sacred Melanin, thus I also qualified for an Amazon Influencer account. 

Amazon Influencer

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, that brings product-related content from Influencers onto Amazon to help customers research and discover products they might be interested in. With this tool, I am able to create a store front + create categories for product recommendations. For example, I host Sacred Melanin Juice Journey every solstice and the number one question that I receive is “what kind juicer do you suggest I purchase?” I use my Amazon Influencer account to create a Sacred Melanin Juice Journey section, thus I included all of the juicers that I hand picked specifically for the 7-day Juice Journey. These links can be found heavily throughout my YouTube channel’s description box as I share dets. Feel free to browse with my Amazon store front.


Next to YouTube, podcasting has become my favorite outlet. Creating on my own terms never felt so good. Receiving messages and being a raw channel for The Divine Source ALL has never felt so good. The first episode of P.S.A with Saché the Podcast went live on June 9, 2021. 🎤 I had always heard about making money from podcasting, but that was not my first thought upon creating my podcast, as I am familiar with the way royalties work and that does not always happen overnight. I created my podcast as a way to channel & express myself. When listeners started pouring in, I told myself “at 100 listens I will monetize my podcast.” Well… that didn’t quite happen just yet, as I am a perfectionist and I wanted my sponsored segment to be A1, OH👏🏾KAY?! LOL. I then waited until 200 listens, which was divine, because I was already approaching season 2. Soon after I monetized my podcast, I was just a few listens shy of 300 listens before I knew it. Needless to say, I am thankfull that I made the decision to not only began my podcast, but monetize my gifts. Looking back at my vision board that I created in 2019 where I wrote P.S.A with Saché the Podcast is surreal. The thought of wanting everything perfect nearly discouraged me, but I made it happen. It is everything I never imagined. If you don’t care for being on camera, but you want to be heard, I say podcasting is the way to go, for you may have a message we need to hear.


Last but not least, YouTube. As you may or may not know, I am a 5-year YouTuber. I created my first channel in 2016 and my second channel in 2019. 🎬 Of course YouTube terms were much different back then, than they are now so it was far more easier to make money than it is now, but if you put in the work it will align for you! If you can manage a 4k minute watch time + attract 1k subies with pure AUTHENTICITY, you will succeed at YouTube. Remember, you define your own success. 🙌🏾 The idea of being a rich & famous YouTuber always crossed my mind in the beginning stages of my YouTube journey, but it was never goal for me. I just wanted to express my real, raw truth. No, I am not rolling in dough from YouTube (because aforementioned, I create on my own terms), but the abundance that I do receive from YouTube comes exactly when I need it most. I have learned that being 100% authentic is what sells... even if it takes longer for the capital to become residual. Tap into my personal channel @satinmarche + my business channel @sacredmelaninkemunity to learn a thing or two <3

I trust that all that I have shared will spark something within, forcing you to T.L.C - Teach. Love. Create <3

Remember: “The follower amount does not equate to the dollar amount.” ~ Sátin Marché

Feel free to comment & let us know if you have any side hustles you would like to share!

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