Melanin Pineal Nutrition

In order for us to ascend upward and outward, we must become a reflection of the divine; whole. What we consume dictates who we are and what we are. Whatever we consume, we become. We become the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the emotions we feel. When we consume life-giving, plant - based foods, our body temple reawakens and no longer craves flesh. Eating fresh foods will feed & nourish you; spirit, mind & body. We must be mindful about raising our vibration & the vibration of the food we consume. Ra Sekhi teaches "the power is in your hands."
 Melanin is the foundation for immunity. It is a free radical scavenger; aids in digestion, antioxidant, bones, nerves, cellular and hormone functions. Malnourishment caused by eating junk food, synthetic drugs, emotional and social stressors, results in inadequate nutrients to the brain and inadequate thinking. For a drug to be synthetic, it must speed up, slow down, stop or destroy Melanin. A Melanated being with an under-stimulated Pineal, one that uses synthetic drugs or eats processed junk food will harm the Pineal and have reproductive problems. Once consumed, synthetic drugs enter into the bloodstream and are carried all over the body. With its free radical behavior, Melanin will attack harmful chemicals and attach to them in an attempt to transport them elsewhere or neutralize them. It is important for the Melanated being to avoid eating junk food, fast food, any white products that have been bleached of their nutrients, dairy, colored sugar water, soda, processed & GMO foods.
Patience is an experience. It takes patience with oneself to break a meat - eating habit, but it is all mental. You have to want change & do the work that follows. It will not happen over night, but the reward will be beneficial to you in the long run. There are many dis - eases & illnesses that flow throughout the Black community, all of which are a result of many years of trauma & a poor diet. There has to be balance & everyone has to do what is best for them. When we become intune & one with our spirit, mind & body, we will be able to hear when our body speaks to us about what it needs. The overconsumption of meat effects our mental & calcifies our Pineal, thus forbidding us to use our intuition, see the bigger picture, trust yourself & see beyond the physical.
Try eating your Aritu or chakras. How? Eat based on the colors of the chakras. Those foods are connected to those specific Aritu & can help heal them. For example, blue and or purple produce can help heal your MER & IKH Aritu.

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