Melanin, Aritu, Pineal Nutrition + Body Systems

This blog consists of Melanin, Aritu, Pineal Nutrition + Body Systems and how it correlates to Sacred Melanin Juice Journey.

Have you ever heard of the term "eat your chakras?" In a nutshell, it means eating with the colors of the rainbow. This requires incorporating more live & colorful foods into your diet, as they coincide with the colors of your Aritu. Colors carry a frequency & this alone + consuming live foods can help raise your vibratpry frequency. If you look at the shapes of fruits & veggies, you can see the resemblance of your organs. This is no coincidence. All is connected. Detoxing and or fasting helps you strengthen yout spiritual connection + your connection to all of the elements. No matter the season, it is always a divine time to tap into all 4 elements:

RA [sun], Shu [Air], Tefnut [moisture/water], Geb [grounding].

Detoxing and fasting is also implemented to help develop many levels of discipline. All is mind. Sometimes we think we are hungry, but the truth is, we may be dehydrated. Other times, we are allowing our bodies to control our mind, which our mind should always control our bodies. We have to build discipline in order for spirit to get through to us, for us to experience spiritual growth, to be light beings. We should not feel heavy all the time. That could indicate spiritual, physical and emotional baggage created by an unhealthy mental patterns.

The word Aritu is a Kemetic word which is used to describe the kara kasa or chakras because it means "wheel". These sacred energy centers are said to swirl in a circular motion very quickly & are seen as small wheels within us. The word chakra is derived from the Kemetic word kara, meaning shrine, karkar means cylinder & thesu/kasu, which means knots. These energy centers connect us to the higher forces & are aspects of the Higher Forces within us. They are also connected to the planets & days of the week, as well as give, receive and store energy. It is at these points where energy is exchanged. If our life force is low on energy there is not much to be used & dis- ease begins in the physical. A imbalances are created mentally and emotionally before they manifest in the physical body. With consistency, juicing is sure to help you release all that does not serve you so that your Aritu are Maatic instead of chaotic.

Sacred Melanin Juice Journey was birthed to help you detox your spirit, mind & body as well as help you to align your Aritu and build immunity, as it allows you to connect with nature through food in it's purest form; liquid.
In November of 2019 I felt as though my womb was under attack. I had been dealing with Sefkhet Aritu or Root Chakra imbalances for months... Maybe even years, generations or lifetimes. What I had been experiencing revealed itself in the physical. It was November, a few weeks shy of the December solstice when my spirit said "buy a juicer". After juicing for 7 days, 3 times a day with no solids other than fruit + water, all that I was experiencing within my womb began to release itself. I began to feel a shift within that reflected on the outside. As I noticed how my first independent juice journey went well, I lead Sacred Melanin Juice Journey for Sacred Melanin KemUNITY each solstice thereafter via Instagram. Before the Spring solstice in 2021 arrived, I saw a bigger vision for Sacred Melanin Juice Journey. I imagined it being a membership style detox where participants could have access to a group in order to received all of the materials that were shared throughout the detox as a way to reflect on their journey, hold one another accountable, and ultimately, to build. Since, Sacred Melanin Juice Journey has been a successful seasonal detox; teaching one how to detox their spirit, mind and body as well as align their Aritu & build immunity.
Melanin is infinite - C18H10N2O4
Melanin is the key to immunity. Melanin is a free radical scavenger; aids digestion, antioxidant, bones, nerves, cellular and hormone functions. A suppressed immune system causes many diseases. Dis-ease has an effect on your mind, mood and state of consciousness. The overconsumption of meat & junk food effects our mental & calcifies our Pineal, thus forbidding us to use our intuition, see the bigger picture, trust yourself & see beyond the physical. Needless to say, a junk food or under nutritional diet will decrease Melanin and this causes decreased consciousness. A Melanated being with under nutrition will have physical, social and mental problems. A weakened liver, pancreas, kidney, nervous system, respiratory system, reproductive system and immune system. When you make your liver healthy, it will alkalize your system. Processed foods and drugs impact the pineal gland or first eye & causes reproductive issues. Melanin is the chemical key to life.

This is why your Melanin is Sacred! 

It is important for all Melanated beings to nourish their Pineal gland, for it is associated with The Endocrine System. The Pineal Gland recreates Melanin. Specific Aritu or Chakras are associated to specific glands as well.

Sekfkhet [Root] Aritu supports Adrenal glands. Tekh [Sacral] Aritu supports Ovaries & Testicles. OB [Solar Plexus] Aritu supports Pancreas & Adrenal glands. Kephera [Heart] Aritu supports Thymus gland. Sekhem [Throat] Aritu supports Thyroid & parathyroid glands. Mer [First Eye] Aritu supports Pineal gland. IKH [Crown] Aritu supports Pituitary gland. The Pineal, Pancreas & Ovaries are associated with Feminine. The Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal & Testis are associated with Masculine.

The Endocrine System is made up of glands; the pineal, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, ovaries, and testicles. These glands produce, store, and release hormones. Hormones are chemicals that serve as a form of communication within the body. The Endocrine System triggers the glands to release hormones into the bloodstream, which distributes the hormones throughout the body. These hormones are critical to our survival; they help maintain homeostasis, which includes regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, sex hormones, digestive enzymes, stress response, and more. Keeping the glands functioning well is key to overall health and quality of life. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland. It controls all other glands in The Endocrine System. A special part of the brain called the hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland, so the Endocrine System is actually under the control of the nervous system. Hormones controlled by the Endocrine System control the function of the many organs and body systems, including the skin, kidney, stomach, liver, pancreas, reproductive system, and heart.  Essential oils can be used to support the endocrine system and promote balance and homeostasis. Here are a few additional resources to help you balance your systems:

Endocrine System   Nervous System  Calm Anxious Feelings 

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