How I became a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

ssnb Ds.k [se-se-neb jes-ek] means Heal Thyself in Medu Neter

 I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate in July 2019. I had just launched Sacred Melanin two months prior & I was looking for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that I could use on The Journey to Sacred Alignment, for I knew that on a business and personal level, I was about to experience many evolutions on my journey. Prior to this, I tried two different brands of oils, but I was hardly satisfied. I not only wanted my customers to receive chemical-free products, but I also wanted something that I could use for myself; internally & externally. I remember seeing something about dōTERRA in passing, but I reflected on my previous experiences with ML marketing, so I strayed away from it. Everything in my life comes in three's so as I saw two more signs, I joined dōTERRA as a wellness advocate. I purchased 8 different oils so that I could use them for myself prior to advocating for dōTERRA wholeheartedly. I wanted to become acquainted with them beyond just the smell. I wanted to feel the benefits& tap into the emotional aspect of the oils. While using them, I learned that dōTERRA essential oil uses are limitless! They not only did they aid in my healing on a topical level, but a molecular level, too. It is a healing you can actually feel, and you can use them for just about anything! Below is just a few of my personal testimonials. We would be here all day if I allowed my words to express the many ways that dōTERRA has showed up for me; whether on a personal level, within Sacred Melanin or my household. I Am thankful to be a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

 Testimony 1:

My move back home to Florida was impulsive, yet purposeFULL. I moved back after 10 years in August of 2019. Before doing so, I stopped at a beach outside of Tallahassee. It was a full moon so I told myself that I wanted to rid my body of everything that tried to rob me spirit, mind & body. I then decided to baptize myself in the ocean. (Check out the video #bittersweet) Days later, I developed symptoms of the common cold. Knowing myself & knowing that I hadn't been sick in years, I knew it was something more than I could actually see at the time. As I tried to adjust in my space, my body started to detox more rapidly. As I chose to live a wholistic lifestyle, I chose to eliminate pharmaceuticals out of my life as much as possible so I then turned to my dōTERRA essential oils. My intuition told me to not only diffuse peppermint, but to put a few drops of peppermint into a glass of orange juice, put it under my nose, on my throat & my chest, and so I did. I did this for a few days & it was then that I was able to breathe. I felt relieved. I was impressed & proud of myself at the same time for listening to my intuition; investing in dōTERRA, using them to rid my body of sickness & trusting myself enough to heal myself. Though I was impressed once, I still needed proof.

Testimony 2:

As I decided I no longer wanted to use deodorants that contained chemicals, I switched to a chemical-free deodorant. I had come across many different brands of deodorants, but as I explored my options, I was never really satisfied with any of them, I just felt like "I needed deodorant" so I used it not realizing that my body was detoxing heavily. As time passed I became musty (LOL). I thought to myself, "this is new. What is going on?" Afterwards, I switched to another brand of deodorant. No luck. Soon after, I tried the bentonite clay detox  on my armpits (and my hair). I even tried real lemons. I felt like I tried everything. Eventually I became curious about my body odor. "What is creating the odor?" I learned that must is created by body sweat interacting with bacteria under our arm pits. Sweating is a form of detoxing. Bacteria can be created by anything, even the food we eat. I began using my intuition to create my own arm pit detox. I experimented using ACV, lemon, rosemary & tea tree dōTERRA essential oils. When I would begin to smell myself, I would dip a cotton swab into the mixture to wipe my arm pits. I did this one time & fell in love with it. I no longer had an odor. It worked so well that I didn't have to do it every day or even every week. It became a once a month routine. With this, I don't have to wear deodorant & if I sweat, it's just sweat. No odor. I Am thankful for nature's medicine. 

 Testimony 3:

I cut my hair on June 4, 2017. The process of growing it healthy & happily without any weaves or anyone else taking care of it was a struggle until I became a dōTERRA wellness advocate. Along with my first LRP order I placed mentioned above, I received a free product of the month; 15ml bottle of Laurel Leaf. I had never heard of Laurel Leaf, so I decided to do research on the benefits & uses of the oil. I found that Laurel Leaf is good for many different things and I read "Bay laurel leaf oil is thought to be a good tonic for the hair, as it boosts hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss. Because it is also an astringent, it helps to tighten the grip of the hair follicles and the hair roots, thus preventing loss of hair." I became excited because I knew my hair growth journey was about to transition for the better. I became using laurel leaf & melaleuca or tea tree oil together. Within 2 weeks of doing so, I began to see changes, but I wanted to be sure, so I used half of the bottle & got braids for the first time in 4 years. I used the oils together for as long as I had braids & when I decided to take down the braids, I was able to see just how much my hair had grown. I was in awe! THIS is why I Am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate!

To this day, I still follow my intuition to create blends for my hair, my body, cleaning my home, and more. Feel free to browse my dōTERRA site + click here for more #DIYdoterra.

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