P.S.A with Saché Presents: MELANINSPO

P.S.A with Saché has been a dream of Sátin Marche's for a while now. She first began speaking with humor on snapchat a few years ago & surprisingly she received quite the feedback for her real, raw humor. She has always had a way with words & she has always been known to speak so she began to create motivational videos on IGTv, but that just wasn't as fulfilling for her, so she gave it a rest. Fast forward to February 2020 where she spoke without being asked at a black male summit. After the event, someone suggested that she consider going into the broadcasting field. Knowing that she didn't create her YouTube channel for no reason, she became grateful & considered it as a starting point. Now, she has decided to step out on faith to create something out of P.S.A with Sache. She is allowing Anansi to work with her & through her to create a web for not only herself, but Melanated business owners to network. 
#Melaninspo is Melanin Inspiration brought to you by Melanated business owners.
This is only the beginning & only spirit knows what the future holds. 
Interview-style questions are conducted via Instagram Live for you to share inspiration unto others. If you are a business owner who would like to be featured, contact us here.