Politique d'expédition

Please know orders are fulfilled via fulfillment center everyday, but due to the planetary shifts, we are requesting USPS to pick up orders only once a week. After items are fulfilled at the fulfillment center, they will THEN be shipped to our office to add Marche’s Magic to your order.
Expect a 2 to 3 week window for all Sacred Melanin apparel deliveries. If you have purchased Sacred Melanin apparel along with anything outside of apparel, all items will be shipped together, not separate - Again, expect a 2 to 3 week window for all Sacred Melanin merch deliveries, thus ordering any other products, they will be bundled together. As
 this may cause delays, please know that we are working smarter not harder for all parties involved.

You will receive a tracking number stating that the package has arrived to us in Oklahoma. No, your package is not lost. Our office is located in Lawton, OK.

Please do not send us a DM to Sacred Melanin or Satin Marche on social media about your order. Please fill out the Contact Us form to send an email here.