Sacred Melanin Juice Journey
Sacred Melanin Juice Journey

Sacred Melanin Juice Journey

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Melanin is the foundation for immunity. 

We are detoxing September 19th - September 25th in alignment with the Fall Equinox. We are detoxing our spirit, mind & body as well as aligning our Aritu in the process. This event will take place via our private Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook, no worries. You will still receive the support you need! This will be a membership style detox.

Check back for details closer to our detox date as we cultivate our curriculum.



"Can I use a blender?"

Yes! However, be aware that the consistency will be a little different. You can always strain the juice with nut milk cloth or cheese cloth. It's takes a a little extra work.

"Can I participate while pregnant?"

Yes, but do not try to consume just juice for 7 days straight. You & baby, both need more nutrients than just juice. Create Ma'at (balance). Juice at least once or twice, and still eat your regular meals.

"Will I receive juice recipes?"

Yes, of course!

"What kind of juicer should I get if I don't have one?"

I suggest any one of these. I personally have the first one listed.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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