Sacred Melanin Juice Journey

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Are you ready to are detox your spirit, mind & body as well as align your Aritu in alignment with the fall soulstice? Our 7-day detox is for you if you resonate with Kemetic teachings + African spirituality. Please know, this is a membership style detox that will take place via our private Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook, no worries. You will still receive the support & accountability you need! This detox includes, but is not limited to: (read very carefully)

  • Webinar via zoom prior to beginning our Journey to Sacred Alignment
  • Free ebook that includes juice recipes, tips for juicing + more
  • Daily schedule via email
  • Access to our private Facebook group + KemUNITY FB group
  • Daily Aritu crystal breathing exercises via Zoom
  • Support + accountability from KemUNITY members
  • Exclusive discounts on Aritu Ascension services 
  • Knowledge about juicing, Aritu & Melanin as they all coincide on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional realms

As my work is guided by spirit, sometimes I feel called to share more. That said, please know all that I Am offering is not limited to what is listed.

"How does this detox work?"

As the time draws near for our detox to begin, there will be a cut off window. This will ensure that everyone receives their ebook, zoom invite, free ebook & all other resources at the same time & no one is lacking upon beginning the journey.

In our zoom meeting (September 18th), we will go over house keeping things. Time is TBA.

On the day of the detox (September 19th) an email will be sent out with out daily schedule, following other activities that will take place via zoom. For those who can not attend the zoom meeting, it will be sent via email the following day along with our new schedule flow + other valuable info.

All other interactions will take place via our private FB group.

Frequently asked questions

"Are we required to drink just juice?"

We are meeting you where you are. Whatever your diet entails, that is okay. All we require is balance. By incorporating juice into your diet, you are creating balance.

"What are the results of juicing?"

As you may or may not know, wellness is not a microwave effect, therefore it takes consistency. For some, our 7 day detox may be enough to witness changes within their spirit, mind & body. One can witness changes within their mood, discipline with eating habits, clearer skin, improved PH, more energy, a clearer and deeper connection to spirit, and more. For others, they may require a 14 to 21-day detox in order to see changes within their spirit, mind & body. If this is so, our Juicing 1 on 1 service can assist in one’s independent juice journey. All that is listed also depends on if you are consistent with all that is provided within the juice journey.

"What are the side effects of juicing?"

You may experience slight headaches & or dizziness as your body is adjusting to detoxing, frequent bowl movements, increased discharge as your body is flushing out toxins. Please do further research as everyone is different.

"Can I use a blender?"

Yes! However, be aware that the consistency will be a little different. You can always strain the juice with nut milk cloth or cheese cloth. It's takes a a little extra work.

"Can I participate while pregnant?"

Yes, but do not try to consume just juice for 7 days straight. You & baby, both need more nutrients than just juice. Create Ma'at (balance). Juice at least once or twice, and still eat your regular meals. 

"Will I receive juice recipes?"

Yes, of course!

"What kind of juicer should I get if I don't have one?"

I suggest any one of these. I personally have the first one listed.

"Can I detox while taking medication?"

Detoxing should not affect medication, however, you may want to consult with your doctor about the variations of fruits & veggies that will be used that may interfere with medication. 

"Are there refunds?"

There are no refunds. Be sure to read all information prior to registering for our 7-day detox to ensure that all is aligned for you.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

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