Empress, Satin Marche

She welcomes you with an open eye [spirit], open mind & open heart [body].
Like a tree, she has many branches & leaves. ⁣⁣⁣

She is divine feminine. She is life. She is alive.

Her aunt named her Satin Marche. She said she had something soft & feminine in mind. She had no idea how much her divine femininity would take over, creating a healer & warrior - Sekhmet. Years ago, if you told Satin Marche that she would be this divine being, she probably would’ve laughed & called you a liar. Growth. She couldn’t see anything more than fashion, interior decorating, youtube, modeling, event planning or photography.⁣⁣⁣ Truthfully, she is a womban of many crowns.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ She's an Alchemist. The Melanated Empress takes on the mission to #shiftyourconCHEiousness & open your third eye. She embarked on her spiritual journey the day she emerged from her mother's womb, but it wasn't until 2016 when she became consciously aware that she is a spirit, having a human experience. Since then, she has made many lifestyle changes that were necessary in order to elevate her spirit, mind & body.  

Life inspired her awakening. She's curious & never satisfied. She wanted more. When she got tired of just listening to others, settling for what was being presented, she became rebellious & created her own path. Ever since then, she has been lighting the way. Though those changes happened for her, she likes to think that they were for you, too! She is healing herself everyday so that she can be a vessel for herself & others in this realm. She always does what works for her & then shares the knowledge received unto others. She is here to "help you become whole." Besides, we don't experience anything just for ourselves. They are for others, too. She then learned how to balance being sbAty & sbA [teacher & student].


Though Satin Marche & Sacred Melanin share the same initials, she likes to think Sacred Melanin chose her. The day before she awakened from her slumber & shouted "Sacred Melanin" & immediately wrote it down, she had spoken about how she wanted to "be a business owner again" (as if she ever stopped). She shouted "Sacred Melanin" so she wouldn't forget it & to give thanks to her ancestors all at once. She was so overwhelmed with joy & fear at the same time. She immediately found purpose in all the things she had been writing down within the previous months; implementing it all to figure out what worked & what didn't - even still. That's what an evolution is, right? An Ever-changing Evolution full of Growth. Change. Transformation. A true transformation happened this day. It is true, you can have hobbies that nourish your inner child, but are not necessarily your life purpose. She came to innerstand her previous creative outlets were things that were fitting for who she was then, not who she was becoming; am. She immediately learned the power of "ask & you shall receive", intention & mastering [manifesting]. She birthed Sacred Melanin with the intent to heal Sacred Souls on all levels. She knew she wanted Sacred Melanin to be perennial - a legacy fo her future seeds, nieces, nephews & most definitely something bigger than herself. Soon after, she purchased her LLC! With knowing she had a message for the masses, she also took into consideration that the message will reach & resonate with whomever it is supposed to. Sacred Melanin's soul purpose is to heal a community of people who seek & find that a more wholistic approach is good for their spirit, mind & body. Satin Marche sheds light on a variety of topics from Melanin, Aritu [Chakras], Ra Sekhi [Kemetic Reiki], dōTERRA essential oils + how to use them, soul, herbal healing, nutrition, how to live an all - around Sacred, wholistic lifestyle and more! 

Everything about Sacred Melanin, LLC is divinely guided & intentional. She gives thanks to the divine + her guides & teachers. Even down to the use of the color purple, the lavender herb & pineal gland [3rd eye] is placed intentionally. Purple helps one connect with Divine Spirit. It is good for mental & nervous problems. It helps with pain, and is used in deep tissue work. It helps heal bones & will charge you with the light of Divine freedom. It is associated with healing, spiritual reinforcement, royalty & feminine protection. Magenta is helpful for manifesting things. Satin Marche has only ever received aura readings twice in her life & ironically, the first time her aura was magenta. The second time, purple. Divine. Of all the days & nights she has spent studying to innerstand life on a physical + non physical plane she innerstands that all things are connected - "as above so below”. She is known to drop third eye shit to enlighten the masses, yet knows how to find a calm [lavender]. Sacred Melanin Merch was created with the intent to be a constant reminder of "Innerstand your Melanin is Sacred, do ALL you can to protect it." These sacred ancient symbols make you #shiftyourconCHEiousness, raises curiosity as well as the frequency of the collective consciousness. It is her calling to do such. She knows this will inspire you in more ways than one, but ultimately to step out on faith & NOT fear!

You are protected at ALL times & ALL that is meant for you will be! Follow no one. Follow your intuition, [3rd eye]!

Just be — breathe & embrace. 

She's [be]ing.