About the Practitioner

Sátin Marché began her entrepreneurial journey upon creating a business by the name of Sew Stylish Saché while attending college in 2014. Throughout the many revolutions that she has experienced on her journey to successful entrepreneurship, Sacred Melanin was founded in May of 2019, and since, Sacred Melanin has become the lifestyle adjunct of Sacred Melanin Ancient Interiors.

Sacred Melanin Ancient Interiors serves to bridge the health & wellness gap between our immediate environments; along with sustaining our spirit, mind and body by way of Wahj Per Ankh™. Wahj Per Ankh™ means Green House of Life; and is a sacred practice created by Sátin Marché that integrates wholistic healing modalities by way of organizing, tidying, and Green Interior Decorating and Design. Green Interior Decorating and Design is sustainable building that implements an eco-friendly and ethical approach to create homes that are socially and environmentally responsible while supporting the health and wellness of families, communities, and the environment.

Sacred Melanin is the lifestyle adjunct Sacred Melanin Ancient Interiors that offers fashion accessories that serve as a symbolic statement intended to inspire one’s sense of royalty within.

Sátin Marché is not only qualified to provide wholesome environments for her community, but she is also capable of educating her community about holistic health and spirituality from a myriad of perspectives, especially as it relates to Melanated individuals. As her business serves to support the spiritual, environmental, physical, mental and emotional health of her community, she emphasizes that in order for her community to truly feel well, they must live well. Sátin Marché is most inspired by fashion, interiors, travel, architecture, and wellness. Integrating her expertise in Green Interior Decorating and Design & Wholistic Health and Wellness will allow her to become a witness and an integral part of a greener future.

    I aspire to inspire my community to live a healthy, happy, and whole life. Let me help you become whole - Sátin Marché