Melanin Juice Journey
Melanin Juice Journey

Melanin Juice Journey

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Peace & love, Sacred Soul!
Welcome to our 2nd annual Melanin Juice Journey. I Am so excited to host this for the collective once more.
This year, as always we are detoxing with the Spring Equinox (March 14th - 21st). We are cleansing our spirit, mind & body as well as aligning our Aritu in the process.
This will be a membership style detox via our Facebook group. This detox includes, but is not limited to: (read very carefully)
  • Recipes (of course, which is the most important part)
  • Access to facebook group for the year — which means access to every detox without readmission fee for the year.
  • Support + accountability from other Kemunity members
  • Exclusive discounts on Aritu Alignment Services 
  • Knowledge + teachings about juicing & Aritu on a spiritual, physical, mental & emotional plane
  • Tips for juicing
  • Anything else I feel called to share

Please know, all that I Am offering is not limited to what is listed. In anything that I do for the KemUNITY, more is always offered. My gifts are priceless, so I’ll never really be able to fully put a price on my offerings.

On March 11th, you will receive an email with the link to group. You will have to request the group. Do not share the link to anyone!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Source thanks you for investing in your health. Happy healing!


Is it safe to join the journey while pregnant? Are we only drinking juice?

Yes, it is safe due to the fact that we are not drinking JUST juice. Personally, I Am, but I Am also meeting others where they are. It’s about balance, so if you still want to keep your diet, that is cool, but incorporating juice as a balance is the goal.

I don't have a juicer. Can I use a blender? 

Yes, however the texture will be different, unless you want to use something to the effect of nut milk cloth or cheese cloth to strain the juice.

Juicer Recommendations can be found here.