What inspired our Ancient Royalty Apparel?

It all started with a dream. A dream my Ancestars gave to me...

Around the time that I created the "BLACK" logo, I was in college hu$tlin'; creating anything with anything that I could get my hands on. My business was called Sew. Sylish. SachéI was working two jobs, sometimes three AND a full-time student, but that wasn't enough to survive my college struggles. Arts & crafts allowed me to escape the mental beat-down college served to me. It was a blissing to be able to create extra income from my gifts. After I got comfortable with business & feeling the need to "take it up a notch", I decided to create paraphernalia for Divine 9 organizations. People who were not apart of these organizations sought interest in the designs, but if you are not apart of these organizations, you can not wear the paraphernalia. After so many people tried & I got tired of turning down customers, I decided to create a design for everyone. I remember going to bed with this intent on my heart. I then awakened from my dream with these Kemetic Symbols on my mind. And so it is. Give thanks [Dwa ntchr]. My Ancestars gave it to me. My physical body had no idea what these Ancient symbols meant & I knew nothing about Kemetic Science, but my spirit did. Spirit always knows. In 2016 our Ancient Royalty Merch was born. We started out with tees, long sleeves & crewnecks. I had no website, just instagram & learning as I go, making a few sales along the way. 
I outgrew Sew. Stylish. Saché & at that point I didn't have a solidified business, only products so I then created an instagram by the name of "shop.black". It worked, but I decided to take a break from business in 2017. In 2018, someone created a duplicate of our t-shirt design. I was convinced that it was time for me to pick it back up. I spent months planning. 2018 was the year of research & planting the seeds by implementing the knowledge. In 2019 Sacred Melanin was born. 

Heru is an ancient Kemetic symbol of protection, royal power and good health. He sees everything.

The Ankh is the Ancient symbol of life. It literally means Life.

The Crescent Moon is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity. In Ancient Kemet, the crescent moon is the symbol of Mother goddess Auset.

Ma'at is the Kemetic concept of truth, balance, order, justice, reciprocity, harmony, love & compassion.

Everything that you see today in western society derived from Ancient Kemet or what is known today as Egypt. I was given these gems in the form of a dream from the source. When source gives you something, you use your creativity to create something for yourself, your future seeds & all who choose to walk with you. You are here to love & to create. Let it be.

Here is a full video on how we began Sacred Melanin & a few things I created in the past:

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