Sacred Melanin Juice Journey (Melanin Pineal Nutrition)

Sacred Melanin Juice Journey has been known to help you detox your spirit, mind & body as well as help you to align your Aritu. It allows you to connect with nature through food in it's purest form; liquid. Sacred Melanin Juice Journey was birthed in November of 2019. I felt as though my womb was under attack. I had been dealing with Sefkhet Aritu or Root Chakra imbalances for months... Maybe even years, generations or lifetimes. What I had been experiencing revealed itself in the physical. My spirit said "buy a juicer" & I did. I juiced for 7 days, having three juices a day. I ate no solids; only fruit & water. Slowly but surely I began to feel a shift within & it also reflected on the outside. As I noticed how my first independent juice journey went so well, I decided to express it to Sacred Melanin KemUNITY on Instagram; hosting Sacred Melanin Juice Journey each solstice. In March of 2021, I decided to build a KemUNITY for Sacred Melanin Juice Journey, which allows members to hold one another accountable and support one another throughout the journey, as it is important to align with the seasons to build immunity. 

Melanin is the key to immunity. It is a free radical scavenger; aids digestion, antioxidant, bones, nerves, cellular and hormone functions. A suppressed immune system causes many diseases. Dis-ease has an effect on your mind, mood and state of consciousness. Consciousness is a cultural element. Post Traumatic Slavery and/or Post Traumatic Colonialism traumas will have a dostorted consciousness. Added to this, a junk food or under nutritional diet will decrease Melanin and this causes decreased consciousness. A Melanated being with under nutrition will have physical, social and mental problems. A Melanin deficiency can be caused when there is an adequate supply of Melanin and the body's ability to use the Melanin is dysfunctional. The body's metabolic and nerve neurological path malfunctions because of a weakened liver, pancreas, kidney, nervous system, respiratory system, reproductive system and immune system. When you make your liver healthy, it will alkalize your system. Patience is an experience. It takes patience with oneself to break a meat - eating habit, but it is all mental. You have to want change & do the work that follows. It will not happen over night, but the reward will be beneficial to you in the long run. There are many dis - eases & illnesses that flow throughout the Black community, all of which are a result of many years of trauma & a poor diet. There has to be balance and everyone has to do what is best for them. When we become in tune and one with our spirit, mind & body, we will be able to hear when our body speaks to us about what it needs. The overconsumption of meat effects our mental & calcifies our Pineal, thus forbidding us to use our intuition, see the bigger picture, trust yourself & see beyond the physical. Try eating your Aritu or chakras. How? Eat based on the colors of the Aritu. For example, blue and or purple produce can help heal your Mer & Ikh Aritu.

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