Her aunt named her Satin Marche

Upon asking her aunt why she named her Satin, she replied "I was going for something feminine, soft & pretty". And so it isSatin Marche welcomes you with an open eye, open mind & open heart. If Satin Marche could be defined in  words, it would be ingenuity, unorthodox, enigma, aloof, dramatic & Sacred if you will. Satin Marche is a womban of many crowns; an AlkemistFashion & modeling was always her first love then along came YouTube, interior decorating, event planning as well as nature photography. She embarked on her spiritual journey the day she emerged from her mother's womb, but it wasn't until late 2016 when she became consciously aware that she is a spirit, embracing a human existence. 

"Your spark is not your purpose" - Disney Pixar Movie Soul

In 2016, Satin Marche was a meat eater, experiencing life in college & she found herself in a place of depression, or what we classify as depression. She later learned that the energy of fear that animals feel in slaughter houses was being transferred on to her. This gave her a deeper innerstanding of energy as well as depression being an imbalance within the energy centers or Aritu. She realized just how much she was operating from an unconscious state of mind & that realization influenced her to make more conscious decisions in her life in order to evolve beyond what was being fed to her... literally & figuratively. Life inspired her awakening. She has always been curious & never satisfied; always eager for more. When she got tired of listening to others & settling for what was being fed to her, she became rebellious, slowly but surely creating her own path. Though those changes happened for her, she likes to think that they were for you, too! Everyday is a healing opportunity. As she heals herself she is also helping others to become whole. She does what works for herself first & then she shares knowledge with others.

 Satin Marche gained wisdom by learning about herself on a soul level; Aritu or chakras, purpose & all things Melanin. Her purpose is T.L.C - Teach. Love. Create. She not only offer products & services, but with the use of time, energy & creativity, she teaches about a multitude of things all relating back to Melanin, which is the Chemical Key to Black Greatness. Sacred Melanin helps Melanated beings become whole by helping them to align their Aritu or chakras so they can transition into a more wholistic lifestyle. Satin Marche is a Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Practitioner as well as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. She uses a variety of healing modalities within Sacred Melanin to help clients & customers achieve their goals such as sound therapy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy & more! Sacred Melanin’s products are only an addition to everything else that have to offer - a statement to "Innerstand your Melanin is Sacred, do all you can to protect it". Satin Marche studied Apparel Design in college so she has a background in fashion. Offering apparel has allowed her to channel her inner stylist.  

To learn more about how Sacred Melanin began, click here to watch our YouTube Video!