Collection: Ancient Royalty Apparel

Rooted in a visionary dream bestowed by our Ancestors, our Ancient Royalty Apparel Collection channels divine inspiration, with each piece stemming from ancient visions before manifesting as tangible products. Each creation draws from the essence of Melanin, the wisdom of our Kemetic heritage, the path paved by Elders, the guidance of Deities, and above all, Love, reflecting the profound connection between self-discovery and self-love. Established in 2016, Sátin Marché's transformative dream featuring Ancient Kemetic symbols spelling "black" found its profound meaning during her 2021 visit to Kemet, Egypt, igniting a journey of self-discovery through symbolism and synchronicity. Our Ancient Royalty Apparel isn't just about being "black" but a tribute to our rich origins, a homage to the Originals from the Black Land of Kemet, where "Kem" signifies black.
  • The Village Speaks -

    "I absolutely love Sacred Melanin First Eye dornments. They stick very well. You can get multiple uses out of the ancient symbols. These are an absolute must have." ~ Jazsman J.